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Learning notes

Record learning notes in technical field, for reference

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Starting from 2020, all items listed are self-taught


  • Launched nüwa links , a simple URL shortener
  • Speaker for online workshop
  • More on Kubernetes (security, DaemonSet, StatefulSet, Storage)
  • More on Web security (headers, Web Application Firewall)
  • More on Go (algorithms , performance , LeetCode )
  • Caching (CDN, application cache) and Load Balancer
  • Database internal
  • Performance testing
  • More on Traefik (Middlwares, Routing, Plugins) and get certified for Traefik Ambassador


  • More on Kubernetes (auto-scaling, resource management, monitoring, logging, Helm)
  • More on Go (Echo/Gin/Fiber)
  • Dive deep into Google Cloud
  • Development of CLI app, based on (Cobra )
  • Protocol Buffers, gRPC and microservices
  • GraphQL
  • Service mesh (Linkerd)
  • Proxy (Nginx, Traefik)
  • Messaging (NATS, RabbitMQ)
  • Web security (TLS, HTTPS, JWT, Cookie)
  • Speaker for online/offline technical sharing
  • Certified on Terraform


  • Learn Laravel and React
  • Self-taught Angular, Go and MongoDB
  • Self-taught AWS
  • Built Smart Attendance System using QRCode (with realtime capability) for Final Year Project, fully run on AWS
  • Graduated in Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering
  • First freelance job
  • Self-taught Alibaba Cloud
  • Self-taught containers and Kubernetes
  • Self-taught NodeJS and Typescript
  • Self-taught DevOps
  • Started technical blogging
  • Certified on Google Cloud
  • First technical sharing public speaking


  • Self-taught REST API, third-party API/SDK integration, Javascript, DialogFlow, Firebase services (Cloud Functions, Realtime database, Firestore, Authentication, Hosting)
  • Built a solution to improve hospital workflow (syndrome checker chatbot, video call, payment etc)
  • Learnt Python and Machine Learning
  • Learnt Scala, Big data analytics and Apache Spark
  • Self-taught Google Cloud
  • Self-taught hybrid mobile development with Ionic


  • Learnt Object-oriented programming with C# and Java
  • Self-taught Git
  • Learnt SQL
  • Introduced to NoSQL
  • Self-taught Android app in Java and Kotlin
  • Participated in project-based competition


  • Joined degree studies in Software Engineering and learnt C++


  • Learnt console-based app in C++ in diploma studies
  • Self-taught build Android app with Java on Udacity